Your Hairstyle Brings Out Your Alter Ego

Virgin Remy Natural Straight Hair Extensions Weave

A woman’s hair is her pride regardless of her ethnicity, but for African American women it is different. It forms an integral part of their look, style, personality, and culture. Look at someone from Jamaica, for example, you can easily notice them from their trademark hairstyles, now take a look at Indians and so on, they are all noticeable from their hair. The same can be said about African American women and their personalities. Be it hair extensions, hair weaves, black hair, kinky virgin hair, anything really, it all plays a big part in bringing out a woman’s alter ego. It’s that ‘kink in my hair kind of vibe,’ that surge in confidence, the flow of power that comes with knowing that one is looking really good. But that is not always the case, a bad hair day is the worst thing that can ever happen to an African American woman, and that brings us to one of the biggest crimes a man can ever commit: messing with a black woman’s hair in public!

But is there a relation between hair and personalities?

Go to any party or club and look around, now go to a wedding or formal gathering and look around. Is the type of hairstyles you see in the two events the same? Probably not. In fact, chances are they are very different. You are likely to meet women with funky and adventurous hairstyles in the clubs while the classy hair weaves and extensions are reserved for the reputable events.

Different hairstyles bring different feelings and it is these feelings that translate into different personalities that we meet each and every day. If you wear a sexy hairstyle, you will find yourself being flirtier than usual. Wear a stunning Brazilian Remy and see yourself turn into a confident attention loving woman. Of Course, these hair provoked alter egos do not apply to all women but they do pop up nevertheless.

Psychologists attribute the apparition of hair based alter egos to confidence. Some hairstyles inspire confidence while some take it away. They say you only look as good as your hairdo and that explains the many hours’ African American women spend doing their hair. Don’t believe it? well, ask any bride why they arrived late to their wedding and you will be surprised at the answer!

The most common hairstyles and the alter egos they are associated with

Colored Hair

Whenever you see an African American woman with colored hair you immediately put them in the fun category! It is a legitimate stereotype that is almost always right. Regardless of the type of hairstyle, whenever a woman puts some color on their head the fun vibe and hormones kick in, it’s almost as if they can’t help it.

Curly hair

Curly hair extensions bring out a warm personality that is easy to relate to. You will often find women with curly hair weaves chatting up and drawing a lot of people. The good thing is curls come in many forms, they can be natural hair, hair wig, human hair extensions, and many other hair types.

Long shiny hair

Long shiny hair brings out the lustrous, high-energy and creative persona. It makes a woman feel sexy and good, and that translates into their behavior. Add a pair of stunning heels to match the hair and a diva is born!

Short weaves

These women scream out: professional! Wearing a short hairstyle means everything from the neck up is visible to the onlookers, nothing is left hidden. One needs to be very confident to pull off this look and that is why professional persona is affiliated with short weaves.

So while African American women spend more time doing their hair, they actually get to discover a lot more about their personalities by trying out different hairdos, hair freedom is what they call it. There are so many different hairstyles to try out and equally as many hidden traits to discover. These alter egos are what make African American women​ what they are: exciting!